The Outlaw Challange

From the less then spectacular start at my first sprint triathlon almost 4 years ago: in the freezing English August sea ,without a wetsuit, the swim taking 60 minutes (when I expected 15 ) and my wife getting them to radio the swim Marshall to make sure I was still out there and hadn’t drowned.  I am now ready to take on the Ironman distance. ( I now have a wetsuit!)

Up until this point I have been happy to self indulgently take part in these events to prove that I am just as fit as I was 20 years (in fact fitter!). But this year two things have happened that make me want to raise some money: the first is the look that I get from people when I tell them what I am doing and that I am not doing it for charity. Secondly the Charity that is the main partner for The Outlaw is Cancer Research this supports a cause that is very important to us after the experience we have had in the early part of this year. (With my wife Bec’s mum Jane).

I completed a half Ironman last year and then in the light headed optimism following the race decided that a full distance would be OK and as always with these things it was a long way off. It’s too easy to buy things on the internet without properly thinking about them, which is why I have a 3 man inflatable kayak, a 4 man tent and a large safe taking up space in the spare room. As it’s now only a few months before 4am wake up call to take to the start line the reality of it being twice as long as the last event is starting to dampen some of last year’s optimism. (This also isn’t helped by Bec frequently asking me  if I have life insurance – I hope this is related to the Ironman rather than any other plans she has).

People have been very generous with sponsorship and I have decided to set up a blog to give an idea about how the training is progressing and to complete a race review at the end.