This has been the last hard training week before the big day on 27th July.



The taper starts tomorrow. Hoorah!!



On Monday it was a 3k swim at the Serpentine in Hyde Park. I love Serpentine swimming club, it’s very friendly and so much nicer than slogging away doing endless lengths indoors. You have a great view of London from the middle of the lake. Although I am still very wary of the swans when they glide past.


I am definitely a fairweather OW swimmer.

I am definitely a fairweather OW swimmer.


On Wednesday it was a 4:50am taxi to get the first train from the station and a 17 mile run before work. I ran along the Thames path from the O2 past Docklands, across Tower Bridge past then the globe into Westminster, past parliament, Buckingham Palace around the Serpentine and long water finishing at my Gym at the bottom of Tottenham Court Road. I still had 20 minutes to run so finished on the treadmill. A really interesting run to take some of the pain away.

 The start about half way ? Maybe I could swim it.


Then Saturday as an 85 mile bike ride. I recently got a new Garmin Tourer Plus and loaded a route of the Tonbridge castle 100 ride. I am still not very good at working out hill profiles from the internet and there were some killers on this route. The Garmin got stuck at one point and I had to reset. I only planned to do about 75 miles then go to the nearest station but couldn’t work out how to explain this to the Garmin. In the end I headed to Wadhurst and now know that the station is actually 2 miles outside of it.