Training plan for the Outlaw Triathlon

This is my first Ironman ( or Iron distance but no one knows what you’re on about) race. Most of my training plans have been from the Tri Radar website (this is where I got the Half Ironman plan I used for the Cotswold 113 I raced last June).

I can’t say that I follow the heart zones , as this takes just too much planning and monitoring for me. I like training so I feel fit, to give me the space to think through problems and to stop extra energy focussing on negative mental loops. It’s my meditation. The zones takes the joy or training away. I need the race days to give training a goal or else I wouldn’t get out of bed for it. I also like to challenge the body and will, to see what I can do.

So I try to follow the type of discipline and the distances/times specified in the plan and hopefully that will be enough to get me to the finish line. The plan I am currently using, the time poor one,  can be found at: